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Products displayed: We Are A Proud Military Family! A Coloring & Activities Book With STICKERS! (58968). Your Guide To Building Family Resilience (83852). Know What?(R) I'm Part Of A Military Family! (91093). ServingUS(R) Magazine -- Adjusting To Military Life (91791). Your Guide To Successful Relocation (81304). Building Resilience -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Growing Up Military (81913). Helping Your Child Cope With Deployment; A Service Member And Family Handbook (95752).

Support Military Families and Raise Awareness of Their Challenges --

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Family Resilience and Support

The deployment banners we see on bridges and the homemade signs held up by family members to welcome a loved one home are visible reminders of the strength and quiet sacrifice of military families. Our military family support materials -- such as deployment books, materials that explain deployment for kids, and resources that provide advice on military family life -- help service members and families develop the skills they need to stay resilient, together.


The extraordinary demands and stress of military family life take a toll on even the strongest marriages. Our publications are filled with information and relationship advice specifically for military couples. Whether you're looking for military family support resources, a military spouse magazine, or tools to promote your special events, we have what you need.

Military Family Month

Spotlight the service and sacrifice of military families, recognize their contribution to mission readiness, and raise awareness of the challenges they face. Our research-backed materials go well beyond decorative deployment banners -- from combat stress to surviving deployment, we provide accurate, accessible products to educate and support military families.

Month of the Military Child

Channing Bete Company has the materials you need to celebrate and show support for military children -- including deployment checklists and age-appropriate deployment books that outline deployment for kids -- to make your Month of the Military Child month events and outreach efforts successful.


In the military, frequent moves come with the territory -- but that doesn't make them any less stressful for service members and their families. Our easy-to-read resources on coping with deployment and mobilization pave the way to a smooth relocation so service members can stay focused and mission-ready.