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Products displayed: Life In The U.S. Air Force (92459). Career Pathways For Military Spouses; An Employment Handbook (91287). Your Guide To Transition Planning (81586). Interview Skills -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Getting Your Next Job (83590). ServingUS(R) Magazine -- Planning For Transition (91368). Your Guide To Veterans Benefits (81208).

Resources to Encourage Military Career Success, Promote Successful Transitions, Boost Work Skills, and Prepare Service Members for Life After the Military

Military Careers

As they serve their country, military personnel also want to make the most of their military careers, hone their work skills, and prepare for life after the military. Here you'll find exceptional tools to support recruitment and reenlistment programs, sustain armed forces career centers, and encourage career advancement. These resources will help readers understand both military requirements and the benefits of service on the way to a bright future!


A successful transition to life after the military takes time and planning -- and the tools you'll find here can help build a solid foundation. These resources support transition assistance programs and armed forces career centers, and boost the effectiveness of all your transition education efforts.

Job Skills

The military offers one of the finest opportunities available to develop key work skills that can support a lifetime of success -- and our resources can support that success both during and after a military career. Whether you're looking for resources that provide resume tips, explain how to get a job in the civilian sector, or simply encourage a focus on the future, we have the tools you need.