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Products displayed: Positive Discipline -- For Children Ages 1-5 (36956). Positive Discipline -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Raising Children From Ages 1 To 5 (83451). Parenting Corner -- Co-Parenting For Your Child's Success (K-12 Edition) (92365). Guiding Your Child Through Adolescence; A Parent's Handbook (92709). 10 Ways To Help Your Child Avoid Drugs (24528).

Channing Bete Company resources support all of your parenting programs for families and family education programs!

Child Safety

Keeping children safe is a community priority as well as a family priority. That's why we've developed child safety publications that highlight safety at home, at school, in neighborhoods, and while traveling. They're ideal for parents, caregivers, teachers, and other community members!


All parents should understand that employing positive child discipline techniques -- and not physical punishment -- is the most effective way to encourage healthy behaviors. From handling toddler tantrums to navigating teenage discipline, our booklets, pamphlets, guides, and other products will help you educate parents in your community.

Family Structure

Whether you're looking for publications to support grandparents raising grandchildren, guides on single parenting, or resources on being a foster parent, we have the easy-to-read, easy-to-distribute outreach tools you need.


Our easy-to-follow fatherhood books, pamphlets, and quick-reference tools help men set priorities and develop effective parenting skills, while emphasizing their important role in supporting a child's physical, emotional, and behavioral needs. These effective resources are just what you need to support fatherhood programs and all of your community education and outreach.

Guiding Good Choices® Program and Other Positive Youth Development Programs

Channing Bete Company brings you the Guiding Good Choices program, a science-based, proven-effective ATOD-prevention program that gives parents the skills they need to ensure the future well-being of their children. Just one of the many reasons we are your trusted resource for evidence-based programs for youth.

Internet and Social Media Safety

The Internet is a great tool for communication, education, shopping, and entertainment. But it is also increasingly a threat to safety -- and Internet safety for kids is a major issue for families everywhere. Our resources are filled with Internet safety tips to help you promote wise Internet use.

Parenting Adolescents

Our resources -- including booklets, guides, and pamphlets that explain effective discipline for teenagers -- will help parents and teens work together during this exciting time. We also offer evidence-based programs for youth and high school prevention programs that specifically address substance abuse prevention.

Parenting for Drug Abuse Prevention

Talking to kids about drugs can be challenging. Empower parents with advice-filled publications on kids and drugs, teenage drug use prevention, recognizing the signs of substance abuse, and more.

Parenting from Birth to Age 12

Our accessible materials will support your education and outreach efforts, and promote confident care, a safe environment, and a loving atmosphere for young families. As children grow, our outreach materials help parents encourage healthy preschool child development, promote a positive environment for learning and growth, and establish good habits as their children begin school.

Personal Finance

Family finance can be a major source of stress, and family money management contributes to a wide range of issues impacting every family member. Our publications provide clear advice on family financial management so that families can stay on track and thrive.

Positive Parenting Resources

It's important that parents recognize the benefits of employing positive discipline and other positive parenting skills. Count on our materials to quickly and clearly highlight positive parenting tips, help prevent abuse, and support families.

School Success

With the resources found here, you can help families build skills for school success! We offer many titles that promote parent involvement -- one of the primary keys to success in school. Distribute these resources and show families that success in school is within reach.

Special Needs

We provide supportive and insightful special-needs resources to promote understanding, improve educational effectiveness, and encourage healthy development. Be sure to explore our valuable special-needs resources for parents.

Stress, Anger, and Conflict

Parenting stress goes with the territory, but if not managed properly, it can take a toll on health and emotional well-being, and can even contribute to family violence. Our titles promote family conflict resolution, and anger management for parents, and provide healthy stress management techniques.