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Products displayed: Stop Panic Attacks; A Pocket Minder(R) Card (40104). Your Guide To Managing Anger (83893). Managing Depression -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Your Mental Health (81461).

Products displayed: Helping Your Child Work Through Grief; A Parent's Handbook (95993). Sync Magazine -- Understanding Depression (92233). Mental Illness -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Recognizing Symptoms And Getting Help (81676). Stress Management; A Self-Care Handbook (93652).

Supportive resources to promote mental health awareness and encourage treatment

Anger Management

Healthy relationships require having strategies at the ready for managing anger in positive ways -- especially when tempers flare. Our booklets, interactive handbooks, quick-reference guides, and other publications outline research-based anger management techniques, and our audience-targeted products include resources that provide advice on both anger management for children and anger management for teens.

Good Mental Health

Often, the road to wellness begins with mental health awareness, and an understanding that help is available and that treatment can help. We provide resources -- including enlightening mental health magazines -- that educate on mental health for children, provide stress-relief activities, and describe common mental health disorders and treatments.

Grief and Depression

You can guide people to a better understanding of grief and depression and the emotions they're experiencing. Our supportive grief management materials offer clear advice on coping with grief -- including titles specifically for children, grief recovery handbooks, and an extensive line of depression support and recovery titles.

Mental Disorders

We provide powerful resources on the most common types of mental health disorders. This information will help you encourage mental health awareness, promote mental health education, and create an environment of understanding and support.

Self-Esteem and Character Development

Building self-esteem helps people make their own decisions, communicate assertively, build social support, and improve their skills and knowledge. Our resources offer self-esteem tips for adults and ways to encourage healthy self-esteem in children.


Stress is a normal part of life, but if not properly managed, it can take a serious toll on health, relationships, careers, and quality of life. The practical tips found in our affordable books on stress, interactive guides, quick-reference tools, and other stress-management resources will make your education and community outreach efforts easier and more effective.