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Resources to support human services programs, improve access to services, and help build stronger communities!


Effective parenting is a skill that takes time, effort, patience, and guidance to develop. Give new and expecting parents, as well as those with older children or teens, the information they need to provide safe, loving care, and support their child's healthy growth and development.

Child Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

Channing Bete Company is here to support community education and child abuse programs with booklets, publications, and guides that raise awareness of both child physical abuse and child sexual abuse, and promote positive parenting.

Family Violence Prevention

You can help families break the cycle of domestic violence by educating community members on when and how to seek help, teaching conflict-resolution skills, and raising awareness of partner abuse prevention. We have clear, accessible resources to support a wide range of human services programs.

Bullying, Dating Violence, and Youth Violence Prevention

Our straightforward products -- including titles for parents, children, and community members -- quickly and clearly describe various types of bullying and how bullying can be prevented, educate readers about the risks of youth violence, and explain how teens and young adults can avoid becoming victims of dating violence.

Mental Health, Stress, and Anger Management

From resources that clearly outline the facts on depression to titles that support grief management for children and adults, rely on our mental health education resources to meet your community education and awareness needs.

Career and Workplace Issues

Our publications support a healthy, functional, and productive workplace, and guide those who are looking for work or changing careers. We provide a range of titles that promote workplace communication skills, job search education, and more.

Personal Finances

Encourage families and individuals to avoid problems and reach their goals through wise money management. Our money management resources offer clear guidance on personal finance basics and personal finance for young adults.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Prevention

With over 50 years of publishing experience, Channing Bete Company has earned trust as a provider of accurate, accessible resources for effective alcohol and substance abuse prevention programs. From youth drug prevention to how to stop addiction, our products support drug abuse prevention education, school- or community-based drug prevention curriculums, and all of your drug and alcohol abuse prevention efforts.

Health Promotion and Healthy Living

Rely on our straightforward products and publications to support your community-based health promotion programs. We offer audience-targeted health promotion products in a variety of styles and formats, from convenient tabbed quick-reference guides, to attractive healthy-living magazines.

Salvation Army, Hospice, and Other Service Organizations

We're your one-stop source for reliable, motivational publications to support the programs that matter most to your community, such as adult rehabilitation services and other community service programs. We also provide education and support materials for hospice volunteers and other community members who want to offer their time and effort to good causes.

Diversity and Special Needs

Help people in your community respect cultural differences and support children with special needs with our diversity awareness and special-needs publications.


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