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Discover resources to raise awareness of child abuse prevention, motivate a community-wide response, and prevent child abuse and neglect

Child Abuse

Our materials sustain child abuse prevention programs, support child abuse prevention training, and raise awareness of the effects of child abuse and neglect. Count on us for easy-to-follow resources that help parents and educators learn how to talk to children about abuse and neglect.

Child Sexual Abuse

From supportive titles to help children speak up about possible sexual abuse, to materials to help parents and caregivers recognize warning signs of child abuse and understand the importance of reporting child abuse, we're here to support your sexual abuse prevention outreach efforts.

Emotional Abuse and Neglect

From anxiety to chronic depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, the effects of child abuse & neglect can be serious and long lasting. Our straight-talking publications can help people recognize the signs of emotional abuse in children and the signs of child neglect.

Shaken Baby Syndrome/Infant Abuse

Our infant abuse and child maltreatment publications provide shaken baby syndrome facts and describe the very serious damage infants can suffer if shaken even briefly. Our resources also offer tips on calming a crying baby and managing stress in positive ways.