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Resources to bring attention to bullying prevention, provide ways to prevent youth violence, and support youth violence prevention programs

Cyberbullying and Sexting

Our supportive resources raise awareness of the forms and effects of cyberbullying, and offer advice on how to stop and prevent it. Be sure that every family in your community has the cyberbullying and sexting prevention information they need to stay safe.


Our bullying education materials clearly define bullying and provide help to kids at risk of becoming a victim -- or a bully -- themselves. Be sure that you have anti-bullying handouts and other materials on hand for Bullying Awareness Week, your bullying workshops, and all of your outreach events.

Dating Violence and Sexual Assault

We have the tools that provide dating violence facts to help you educate adolescents -- and their parents -- on how to recognize healthy dating and avoid dangerous pitfalls, such as teenage dating violence, date rape, sexual coercion, and other forms of violence in youth.

PATHS® Program, Social and Emotional Learning

The PATHS program is grounded in social and emotional learning (SEL). Social and emotional learning activities help children resolve conflicts peacefully, handle emotions positively, empathize, and make responsible decisions.

Youth Violence

Be sure that people in your community have the facts about youth violence -- and the research-based guidance to prevent youth violence. Our audience-targeted materials support youth violence prevention programs, school and community education, parenting programs, and all of your community outreach and education.