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HealthStyle Press Publications
Keep Health & Wellness Information
Right at Hand

For more than 25 years, health-care providers and public health agencies have used HealthStyle Press publications to help people understand -- and record -- important health information and development milestones. These compact, durable products are now available exclusively from Channing Bete Company. Choose from a variety of health, wellness, and disease-management topics in three convenient formats. All formats:

  • can be personalized with your organization's name and contact information
  • fit easily in a pocket or purse, so they're available for quick reference whenever they're needed
  • come with a convenient, durable, clear plastic sleeve that protects them from damage in a pocket, purse, or wallet.
America's Healthy Aging Guide (HS-20034)

HealthStyle Press Guides

Health information and personal health tracking in one convenient take-everywhere booklet! These guides provide detailed information on a variety of health topics for adults, teens, children, and seniors, offering guidance related to lifestyle changes, disease signs and symptoms, developmental milestones, and more. Depending on their subject, guides also provide ample space to record personal information, such as vital statistics, allergies, growth milestones, and health history.

America's Blood Sugar Tracker (HS-20106)

HealthStyle Press Trackers

Compact and portable, these trackers make it easy to share personal health information with caregivers and health-care providers. HealthStyle Press Trackers are specifically designed to track important information related to disease management, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and more. The fold-out pages have a pencil- and ink-receptive coating, and the convenient size makes them ideal for taking to doctor's appointments, giving health-care providers valuable information that can help them personalize care.

 America's Child Health Record (HS-20093)

HealthStyle Press Records

Don't be fooled by their size! These credit-card-sized records offer plenty of room to jot down important health information, so it's always on hand when needed. HealthStyle Press Records provide space for vital statistics, medications, drug allergies, emergency contacts, and more. And they're compact enough to fit in a pocket, a purse -- or even a wallet.

America's Teen Health Guide (HS-20060A). America's Blood Pressure Tracker (HS-20121). America's Senior Health Record (HS-20100A)

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