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Products displayed: Quitting For Life; A Self-Care Handbook (93646). Vaping -- Keeping Tabs(R) On The Hype And Health Risks (82273). Heroin And Other Opiates -- Keeping Tabs(R) On A Drug Epidemic (82731). Drug Treatment; A Pocket Minder(R) Card (40132). Your Guide To Quitting Smoking (83901). Healthside(R) Magazine -- Thinking About Quitting Smoking? (91469). Recovering From Addiction -- You Can Do It! (32953). Addiction And Families -- Helping A Loved One (82478). Drinking to Disaster Binge Drinking (33190).

Help People Understand Addiction and Recovery from Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs


Understanding addiction starts with these informative products that help people understand types of addiction, recovery resources they can turn to, co-occurring disorders, codependency, and more.


Reach all kinds of audiences with the facts about alcohol -- older adults, pregnant women, teenagers, children of alcoholics, and others -- and teach them about myths surrounding alcoholism, disease management, and more.

Drug Recovery

Whether it's prescription medication abuse, marijuana, ecstasy and other club drugs, or methamphetamine, there are many kinds of drugs that can cause big problems for users. Help people understand the dangers of drugs with these important publications.


The consequences of smoking are well known -- but nicotine addiction is hard to break. Our publications offer facts and support to help smokers and other tobacco users kick the habit for good.