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Products displayed: Planning A Healthy Pregnancy; A Self-Care Handbook (93222). Measles -- Protection Through Immunization (37132). Your Guide To A Healthy Pregnancy (80750). Zika Facts -- What Everyone Should Know About The Virus (24830).
Products displayed: Caring For Your Baby -- About Newborn And Infant Care; A Parent's Handbook (93213). 12 Tips For Breastfeeding The 1st Year (23685). Before You're Pregnant -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Your Preconception Health (83697). Your Guide To Positive Discipline For Children Ages 1-5 (80741) cover and page 5. Understanding And Recovering From Postpartum Depression; A Self-Care Handbook (96146). Your Guide To Your Baby's First Year (83926). We Can Stay Healthy With Immunizations! A Coloring & Activities Book With STICKERS! (58935).

From Prenatal Care to Breastfeeding to Child Development, Promote Good Maternal and Child Health and Parenting Skills with These Resources


From breastfeeding and maternal nutrition to childhood nutrition and childhood obesity prevention, here's sound advice on making good food choices for good health.

Child Development Ages 1-12

As children go through the developmental stages of childhood and pre-adolescence, help parents understand their physical, mental, and emotional child development milestones and help them grow up happy and healthy with our easy-to-read publications!

Child Development Preteen and Teen

Puberty changes bodies, emotions, and relationships. These growing-up guides help parents, preteens, and teenagers understand the changes of adolescence, developmental milestones, and ways to stay healthy as they grow up.

Childbirth and Postpartum

Help expectant moms make a postpartum-care plan! These publications on childbirth pain relief, postpartum depression, and other important topics are perfect for distributing during childbirth classes or at office visits.

Childhood Illnesses

From the usual coughs, colds, and bugs to more serious child diseases and children's health issues, quickly teach parents what they need to know for when their child is sick -- and when to call a health-care provider.


Find child immunization charts, booklets with immunization schedules, and other resources that dispel myths and promote the importance of vaccination.

Newborn Care

Help new and expecting parents make a newborn care plan to keep their little one healthy and safe! We offer baby growth charts and resources on shaken baby syndrome, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and other important newborn baby care topics.


These reassuring parent guides explain how to stay cool and manage stress and anger, provide loving and positive discipline, and address a variety of other parenting concerns.

Planning for a New Baby

Help expectant mothers have a healthy pregnancy month by month! Find resources that keep moms on track during pregnancy, chart the way toward fatherhood for dads, and prepare siblings for a new brother or sister.


The perfect handouts for prenatal classes! Our publications remind mothers-to-be to maintain healthy habits for prenatal care, schedule regular checkups, and learn about important prenatal care guidelines.

Pregnancy Hazards

Help expectant moms avoid drugs and alcohol, receive all necessary vaccinations, deal with gestational diabetes, and manage other hazards during pregnancy.

Teen Pregnancy

The consequences of teenage pregnancy can include a lot of challenges, but teenage mothers can face those challenges -- and succeed -- if they have the right knowledge and support! Give them both with these great resources on teenage parenting.