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Products displayed:   Colonoscopy -- A Test To Check Your Colon For Problems (36161). At The Emergency Department; A Coloring & Activities Book (58608)B. Preparing For And Recovering From Surgery; A Self-Care Handbook (93627)K

From MRI Testing to Surgery Recovery to Organ Donation, Here's the Information Patients Need When They're at the Hospital!

Products displayed: We Can Get Ready For Same Day Surgery! A Coloring & Activities Book With STICKERS! (58804).  Going To The Hospital; An Activity Book (58214).  CT Scans -- Detailed Views Inside The Body (22343). Wash Away Germs For Clean Hands! Cling (91877)B.  Emergency Medical Information; A Pocket Minder(R) Card (47871).

About Hospitals

Teach adults and children about what to expect when they're at the hospital, services that are provided there, staff they may meet, and equipment they may see in their hospital rooms.

Diagnostics and Imaging

Want better imaging and diagnostic outcomes? Make sure patients are prepared with these handouts on EMG and NCS, MRI testing, CT scans, blood tests, and more.

Emergency Department

The emergency room can be a daunting place. These educational emergency department resources can reassure adults and children who visit, help them understand the services offered there, and fill the time in the waiting room.

Organ Donation

Teach people about this important gift -- and encourage them to fill out a donor card -- with these informative and motivational publications on organ donation!

Surgery and Anesthesia

Improve patient preparation for surgery with these reassuring and instructive publications about anesthesia, ambulatory surgery, recovery after an operation, and more.