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Products displayed: Sync Magazine -- Eating, Exercise And Your Body (92522). Your Family Guide To MyPlate -- Creating Personal Eating And Exercise Plans; A Self-Care Handbook (93976). 12 Ways To Beat Stress (23300). STDs; A Pocket Minder(R) Card (47535). Wash Away Germs For Clean Hands! Cling (91877).
Products displayed: Healthside(R) Magazine -- Thinking About Quitting Smoking? (91469). Relaxation Techniques -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Managing Stress (81733). Your Guide To A Healthy Weight (83918). Flu Vaccines -- Why Everyone Needs Yearly Protection (36719). Taking Control Of Your Cholesterol; A Self-Care Handbook (92690). Pneumonia -- Reducing Your Risk (70007). Quitting Smoking -- You Can Do It! (36757). Your Health (For Women) Slide Chart (4A-11451). 11 Ways To Keep Cholesterol Under Control (24413). Quitting For Life; A Self-Care Handbook (93646).

Wellness and Community Health Products Help People Improve Their Nutrition, Fitness, Preparedness, and Overall Well-Being!

Cholesterol and Other Dietary Concerns

Help people manage LDL and HDL cholesterol by eating healthier, and teach them about the DASH diet and gluten-free dietary guidelines with these helpful publications.

Dental Care and Oral Health

Send a clear "brush your teeth!" message -- and other important messages about oral health -- with publications that explain dental terms and encourage good oral-hygiene practices.

Diet and Nutrition

Serving sizes, nutrition labels on packaged foods... When people have the right information, choosing healthy food options becomes much easier, and maintaining good eating habits and a healthy weight is just around the corner.

Fitness and Exercise

Our publications provide information on why moving is an important part of good health, fitness tips, answers to questions about fitness, exercises and ideas for keeping in shape, and more.

HIV and AIDS Prevention

Find publications to help you promote proper condom use and other healthy behaviors to stop the spread of the HIV virus and transmission of HIV infection, and encourage people to get tested so they can seek appropriate treatment if they are HIV-positive.

Other STDs

Quickly educate people about gonorrhea, chlamydia, and other sexually transmitted diseases/STI infections and help fight the tendency toward silence that perpetuates these preventable illnesses.

Hygiene and Flu Preparedness

From hand washing and good hygiene to flu shots and flu care at home, we have the resources to help you prevent the spread of the flu virus and keep people healthier in the event of a seasonal influenza outbreak or flu pandemic.


Use our products to fight myths with the facts about important vaccines for children and adults, inform people of current immunization schedules, and help them keep up-to-date immunization records.

Lead Poisoning Prevention

Fun, audience-targeted titles help children avoid lead hazards at home, and easy-to-understand booklets and other resources educate parents about lead-level testing and other ways to keep children lead-safe.

Other Poisons

Help people avoid poisoning by educating them on common poisons, where they may be found, and how to avoid dangerous exposure.

Men's Health

Give men the tools and motivation to stay healthy and fit; manage stress; get regular prostate exams and other important health check-ups; and live healthy, happy lives.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking health risks are common knowledge, but it's not easy to quit for life. Make sure people fully understand the health effects of smoking -- and the positive effects of quitting -- and have the motivation to kick the habit for good.

Stress Management

For people living with moderate to severe stress, effects can range from headaches and the occasional sleepless night to more serious ongoing health problems. Teach people relaxation techniques and other methods for coping with stress with these supportive titles.

Weight Management

Fad diets? Forget it! These sensible, practical weight-management guides provide information about obesity, disease-preventing nutrition tips, BMI charts, and encouragement to maintain a healthy weight for life.


Wellness has many benefits, and making lifestyle changes to attain it is well worth the effort for people young and old! These community health resources offer the basics that everyone needs for making changes for good health and maintaining a personal health record (PHR).

Women's Health

Here are the women's health-care resources that educate patients about breast health, HPV testing, osteoporosis, and the female reproductive system, as well as other key information to help women achieve wellness.