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Products displayed: Quitting For Life; A Self-Care Handbook (93646). Recovering From Stroke (Brain Attack); A Self-Care Handbook (92489). Infection Control In The Home (39008). Tick Safety; A Pocket Minder(R) Card (40066).
Products displayed: Learning To Live With Heart Failure; A Self-Care Handbook (93612). The HPV Vaccine -- Important Protection For Your Son Or Daughter (37115). Advance Medical Directives (38026). Your Guide To Children's Health Emergencies (81450). Healthside(R) Magazine -- Managing High Blood Pressure With The DASH Diet (91430). Hugs & Health(R) Magazine -- Breastfeeding (96151). Hope And Help For Depression; A Self-Care Handbook (93932). The Dangers Of Fentanyl And Other Synthetic Opioids (37163)A. 12 Tips For Sun Safety (24732).

Build Health Literacy with Patient-Teaching Publications That Are Easy to Distribute, Read, and Understand!

Disease Management

Give patients and their families resources that provide them with reassurance and empowering information on cardiac care, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, asthma, pain management, sleep disorders, COPD, and much more.

Healthy Living

Help people make good choices for their health by avoiding the flu virus, coping with stress, developing healthy eating habits, quitting smoking, practicing good oral health, and more.

Home Health Care, Long-Term Care, and Hospice Care

Advance home-health safety goals; reduce caregiver stress; and educate people about home health care, long-term care (LTC), and palliative care with these supportive resources.

Advance Directives

Help people make informed healthcare decisions with informative titles on medical ethics, advance directive planning, do-not-resuscitate (DNR) orders, and designating a health-care proxy.

Health Staff Training

From standard precautions to cultural competency training to employee health, we have the products you need to train health-care staff to improve patients' health and safety -- and their own.

Maternal and Child Health

Find resources here to support a healthy pregnancy; encourage breastfeeding; teach parents how to discipline their children lovingly and effectively; and promote good parenting skills throughout the developmental stages of infancy, childhood, and adolescence.

Hospital Services and Procedures

From MRI and other imaging tests to organ donation to emergency room facts, here are the informative resources adults and children need when they're at the hospital.

Mental Health

Help people manage depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, self-esteem issues, grief, and other mental health issues with these informative and supportive resources.

Substance Abuse and Addiction

Help people escape the grip of addiction and move toward recovery with straightforward publications about alcoholism, tobacco addiction, crystal meth, synthetic drugs, club drugs, and marijuana.

Medicaid and Medicare

"What's the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?" "Where can I find reliable information on US health insurance?" Answer these questions -- and many more -- with our accurate, up-to-date publications.


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