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Products displayed:  Alzheimer's Disease -- Treating And Coping With Memory Loss (77075). Recovering From Stroke (Brain Attack); A Self-Care Handbook (92489). Kids And Asthma; A Coloring & Activities Book (57727). Your Guide To Managing Diabetes (83983). Preventing And Managing Osteoporosis; A Self-Care Handbook (91812).
Products displayed: How Adults Can Manage Asthma; A Self-Care Handbook (93299). An Inside Look At Controlling COPD (75340). Sleep Disorders (38737). 11 Ways To Control Your Blood Pressure (24258). An Inside Look At Managing Heart Failure (74506). Living Your Life With Diabetes; A Self-Care Handbook (93281). An Inside Look At Preventing Diabetes Complications (75553). Colon Cancer Screening And Prevention (36251). Opioids & Pain Management -- Keeping Tabs(R) On The Risks, Benefits And Alternatives (82887). PEP For Emergency HIV Prevention (24888). Managing Medications; A Pocket Minder(R) Card (47551).

Our Disease-Management Publications Educate and Motivate Patients


Give patients with an attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnosis answers to their questions about ADHD, disorder facts, and ADHD checklists and worksheets for managing the condition.

Alzheimer's Disease

Two of the strongest tools for people with Alzheimer's disease and their families are information and understanding. Our publications provide the facts about dementia, memory loss, caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease, and more.


Teach adult and pediatric asthma patients about asthma diagnosis, how to treat asthma, guidelines for helping one's child manage the condition, the types of asthma, action plans for controlling the disease, and more.

Blood Pressure

From blood pressure guidelines to hypertension treatment, these products can help people understand why blood pressure matters -- and how to keep it healthy.


Here's cancer information for patients and their families. Our products help them understand diagnostic tests, treatment options and their side effects, cancer pain-management techniques, and more.

Cardiac Disease and Cardiovascular Care

Our cardiac care publications cover the causes of heart disease, facts about how to manage heart failure and other conditions, and general heart health information that everyone can use.


Here are the publications you need to help people understand high blood cholesterol, chart their progress toward achieving healthy blood cholesterol levels, improve their diet, and reduce other controllable risk factors.


Our products educate patients on chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment, and discuss COPD guidelines and COPD pathophysiology.


A diabetes diagnosis can be overwhelming. Give patients easy-to-understand information on diabetes care, treatment options, diabetic emergencies, nutrition and fitness, and the connection between diabetes and obesity.

Diagnostics and Imaging

Provide patients with reassuring, reader-friendly information about MRI tests, CT scans, and other diagnostic procedures so they know what to expect -- and how to cooperate -- when they arrive for their tests.

Gastrointestinal Disease

Find gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) guidelines, celiac disease diet tips, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) booklets, and more to help people with gastrointestinal diseases live healthier.

HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, and Other STDs

Prevent the transmission of HIV infection, hepatitis, and other STDs; promote testing, treatment, and vaccination options; and raise HIV awareness on World AIDS Day and during other important events.

Kidney Disease

Dialysis... transplants... chronic kidney disease... Educate people about renal diseases and conditions, the signs of kidney failure, good disease management, and more.

Medication Management

Teach people about medication therapy, management, and safety with these straightforward and important publications.

Men's Health Concerns

Help patients understand and manage prostatitis, testicular cancer, and other key men's health issues.


Show people how they can control back pain and other orthopedic issues with these helpful publications.

Pain Management

Cover everything from interventional pain management to comprehensive pain management guidelines, provide patients with tools for relief and support, and help your organization meet the Joint Commission's latest standards.


Educate patients about antibiotics for pneumonia, treatment guidelines, the pneumonia vaccine, and other important information with these products.

Sickle Cell Disease

Give people the facts they need on both sickle cell anemia trait and treatment for sickle cell anemia disease with these informative publications.

Sleep Disorders

Help patients combat sleeplessness with information on preparing for a sleep study and managing obstructive sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders.


From risk factors to warning signs to recovery, our publications help people understand, prevent, and deal with stroke (brain attack).

Traumatic Brain Injury

Help people recover from traumatic brain injury (TBI) with these resources on traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, diagnosis, and treatment.

Women's Health Concerns

Find resources here for teaching patients about osteoporosis, breast cancer facts, and other important women's health issues.