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Products displayed:  Using Parliamentary Procedure; A Guide To Conducting Orderly Meetings (51315). Be Successful At Work; A New Job Handbook (93634)
Products displayed: Better Money Management; A Guide For Reaching Your Goals (94360). Lifting & Moving Patients Safely -- A Guide For Health-Care Staff (72460). Improving Your Self-Esteem; A Self-Care Handbook (95895). Managing Stress Slide Chart (4A-11465). Interview Skills -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Getting Your Next Job (83590).

Enhance Employee Safety and Promote Employee Development with These Human Resources Department Publications!

They're Perfect for New Employee Orientations, Trainings, and Performance Reviews!

Employee Assistance

Improve overall employee job performance by offering every employee support and good advice on maintaining a healthy work-family balance, understanding personal finances, managing stress, handling substance abuse, and dealing with other common employee issues.

Job Search and Interview Skills

Give every employee career development skills to help them succeed! These booklets and other products cover job search skills, interview skills and techniques, and more.

Meetings and Leadership Skills

Solid workplace leadership and meeting skills help employees build a stronger and more efficient workplace. Find titles on parliamentary procedure and other important leadership topics here.

Occupational Safety

Health and safety in the workplace is serious business -- and we're here to help you succeed at increasing employee safety! We offer easy-to-understand publications on hazard communication, safe lifting, and other important workplace safety resources.

Sexual Harassment, Diversity, and Violence Prevention

Increase workplace respect and decrease violent incidents and sexual harassment at work with these educational titles covering essential human resources issues.

Health Staff Training

Increase patient safety, boost your healthcare infection control efforts, and reach your performance improvement goals with the health-staff-training publications you need!

School Staff Training

Our school-staff-development titles are ideal for new teacher training and for ongoing classroom management improvement.

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