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Products displayed: Healthside(R) Magazine -- Discover Wellness Center (92268). Better Money Management; A Guide For Reaching Your Goals (94360). You Can Quit Smoking -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Becoming Smoke-Free (83320). Be Prepared! A Pocket Minder(R) Card (47502). Safety For Women -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Self-Protection (81488). Managing Stress Slide Chart (4A-11465).

Give Every Employee Support to Improve Their Work-Family Balance and Cope with Other Common Employee Issues.

Emotional Health

Better emotional health and work-stress management mean happier workers and better employee job performance! Help your staff improve their emotional and mental health with these publications.

Health Promotion

These employee health promotion and education titles cover nutrition, smoking cessation, germ prevention, and other key issues for good worker health.

Personal and Family Safety

Help workers feel secure at home as well as at work! These personal safety booklets and other products offer important and practical home safety tips, with advice on emergency preparedness, fire safety, first aid, and more.

Personal Finances

Managing personal finances can seem overwhelming -- until you understand important money-management basics. Teach every employee finance skills for a lifetime, including how to budget money, save on expenses, and use credit wisely.

Substance Abuse

Helping workers deal with substance abuse issues is a cornerstone of any successful employee assistance program. Our substance abuse brochures and other publications can help support your efforts.