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Growing green with a beautiful Wintergarden: Wintergarden exterior and interior botanical garden

Channing Bete Company: Thinking green from the outside in

Growing green with a beautiful Wintergarden

Years ago, before "going green" became the buzzword it is today, we began designing an addition to our corporate offices.

In planning the building we took several things into account, among them energy conservation, the environment, and our employees' comfort.

Among the energy-efficient elements we incorporated were choosing a southern orientation for the addition, berming the north side of the building, and using a large amount of mass to help absorb the heat during the day and release it at night.

Inside we created a botanical garden to help purify the air, maintain humidity in winter, and create an atmosphere in which our employees would feel comfortable and encouraged to be their most productive.

We also incorporated innovative technology to make the addition efficient -- and to improve energy use in other ways.

Innovative retrofitting: Wintergarden exterior, energy efficient lighting, Energy Star logo

Innovative retrofitting

In the ensuing years, we've made important changes to our entire physical plant.

We completed major upgrades to our lighting system, replacing all fixtures with energy-efficient ones and adding motion detection.

In addition, we worked with energy provider Northeast Utilities to retrofit nearly 400 lights with new ballasts, lamps, and a reflector, saving 20-60 watts per light, depending on the type of fixture.

We replaced our compressed air system with updated technology, reducing the energy load, as the system produces exactly the compressed air demanded.

We installed a new, Energy Star rated HVAC unit.

We reduced our energy use by 20% --
saving enough energy to power 57 homes.*

*Based on an average usage of 8900 KWH per year.

Living green on a daily basis: land for agricultural use, community ball fields, recycle logo

Living green on a daily basis

Every day we try to find new ways to improve how we do things, including:

  • recycling virtually all of our production waste
  • cleaning with green products
  • offering biodegradable plates and bowls in our Wintergarden café
  • posting a carpool list and providing indoor bicycle storage to encourage our employees to leave the car at home.

We also share our "green," giving local farms access to land at the south end of our property for agricultural use, and setting aside an area for our employees to use as an organic garden.

Other environmentally conscious efforts include seeing that our bindery trimmings get used by a seedling business as packaging material, and donating our toner cartridges to a local school, which uses them to generate revenue through a recycling program.

And speaking of donations -- over the years Channing Bete Company has donated two-and-a-half acres of land to the South Deerfield Fire District, and several acres of land to the community for use as ball fields.

Land sharing, recycling, and educational support are a win-win situation for our neighbors and our planet!

Products displayed: Be An Energy Saver All Year-Round! Activity Poster (50761). Reducing Your Carbon Output (23022). Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs -- Save Energy, Save Money (35806). What's Up(R) With Renewable Energy Sources (92637). Saving Energy With Your Family; A Family Handbook (93057).

Increasing awareness and promoting action through our products

Our commitment to helping reduce energy consumption extends to our product line.

Using a variety of formats and illustration styles, we help our customers deliver the message to people of all ages that saving energy is everyone's responsibility.

Our products include tips, strategies, and easy measures readers can take every day to conserve energy -- and help lower their energy costs.

Channing L. Bete, Sr.

It's all part of our core mission to help make the world a better place.

More than 50 years ago, Channing L. Bete, Sr., a strong believer in the importance of giving individuals access to life-enhancing, empowering information regardless of education or social class, founded our company. Our core mission is to "strengthen individuals, families, and communities by reinforcing healthy behaviors and commitment to positive social values," a mission that is perfectly aligned with environmental awareness and stewardship.

With Channing Bete Company as your communication partner, you not only have help meeting your strategic objectives but also have help showing people how to be good global citizens.

And that's good for us all.