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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Acquires the Communities That Care® Prevention Planning System
Plans widespread distribution throughout the United States

South Deerfield, MA -- Several years ago, when Channing Bete Company President Mike Bete first learned about the proven-effective science behind the Communities That Care® prevention planning system, he recognized that it could help thousands of communities across the country guard against the risk factors that lead to youth substance abuse and other problem behaviors like teen pregnancy, violence, and school drop-out. He made it a goal for the company to bring this science to the public, and help as many communities implement it as possible.

Now, with the help of the federal government's Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), that goal will be accomplished.

On Monday, August 29, 2005, while giving a keynote address at the National Prevention Network conference in New York City, SAMHSA Administrator Charles Curie announced that the administration had acquired Communities That Care from the Channing Bete Company.

This acquisition means that SAMHSA's Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) will be able to offer Communities That Care products and materials to all states, all of CSAP's 800 Drug-Free Community Coalition grantees, and the estimated 8,000 plus community coalitions across America that do not receive federal funding but have concerns about community substance abuse and other problem behaviors. This means that communities will be able to easily access a proven process that can help improve the lives of the people they serve.

"We could not have found a better home for Communities That Care," explained Mr. Bete. "We knew that this process was a great fit for SAMHSA's Strategic Prevention Framework, and SAMHSA has the resources to make sure any community that wants to use this process can use it. The combination of Charlie Curie's vision for communities, Beverly Watts Davis's leadership of CSAP, and the Communities That Care prevention planning system will lead communities to take action in ways that will help countless young people."

The Channing Bete Company has long been a publisher of science-based positive youth development programs. Its proven-effective Families That Care® programs are designed to guard against the same risk factors that communities identify using the Communities That Care prevention planning system. Many of these programs -- including the industry-leading parenting program Guiding Good Choices® -- have been recognized as model programs by government agencies.

Communities That Care developers J. David Hawkins, Ph.D., and Richard F. Catalano, Ph.D. -- both nationally recognized social scientists -- were equally enthusiastic about the acquisition by SAMHSA.

"It is exciting to learn that Communities That Care will be made widely available to ensure that communities using the Strategic Prevention Framework succeed in promoting the healthy development of their children," said Dr. Hawkins.

"Under the direction of Beverly Watts Davis, CSAP has provided important leadership in ensuring that the best science is available to community prevention practitioners across America," explained Dr. Catalano. "The availability of Communities That Care with government support for quality provides communities with a great opportunity to discover and implement the most appropriate and effective prevention programs."

The Communities That Care prevention planning system uses a five-phase process that matches the required elements of SAMHSA's new Strategic Prevention Framework. The framework sets into place a step-by-step process that empowers communities to identify and implement the most effective prevention efforts for their specific needs. It also includes feedback to ensure accountability and effectiveness of the program effort.

The acquisition also includes the Communities That Care Youth Survey, a tool that gathers critical information on ATOD prevalence rates and data on risk and protective factors. The Youth Survey includes software that creates reports that help people act on the data that is collected. The Youth Survey is already used in a number of statewide prevention efforts.

Taken together, the Communities That Care prevention planning system and Youth Survey provide unique, science-based tools and products that help lead communities to implement tested-effective programs and practices.

The acquisition does not affect any other Channing Bete Company publications. The company will continue to offer its nationally recognized and award-winning Families That Care® and PATHS® programs. Information about these programs can be found at