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Channing Bete Company Contributes to Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts

South Deerfield, MA -- Recognizing the long-term recovery efforts that will need to take place in Gulf Coast states following the devastation brought by Hurricane Katrina, Channing Bete Company announced that it is donating materials and funds to the relief effort.

In order to help address the catastrophic need for housing, the company made a cash donation to Habitat for Humanity. This internationally recognized organization recently launched Operation Home Delivery, which will allow volunteers outside of the recovery area to assemble the materials needed to build a house and then "pre-build" the frame of a home over a few days. The house will then be taken apart and the components and other necessary construction materials will be shipped to an area along the Gulf Coast or New Orleans, where families, volunteers, and builders will rebuild the home.

In order to help address the need for emergency medical care, the company recently made a donation to AmeriCares. This nationally recognized organization has already set up mobile clinics and has delivered more than $1 million worth of emergency medicines, bottled water and general relief supplies to Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

In addition to the company's cash donations, on-site company representatives are coordinating a donation of Channing Bete Company publications to organizations in the states impacted by this tragedy. This donation is designed to directly help victims recover from the effects of Hurricane Katrina.