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Channing Bete Company Contributes $75,000 to the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts Capital Campaign

South Deerfield, MA -- When the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts recently announced its plan to physically double its facilities, it found ready and enthusiastic support from the Channing Bete Company, which stepped up to the plate with a pledge of $75,000.

"The missions of the Food Bank and the Channing Bete Company are similar. Both organizations are all about helping people to lead better lives. We applaud the Food Bank and enthusiastically support helping them provide their critical services to so many more people in need," said Mike Bete, president of Channing Bete Company.

Channing Bete Company's donation of $75,000 to the Room to Grow Campaign, to be paid over five years at $15,000 a year, was committed after a meeting with Food Bank executives. The ambitious campaign seeks to raise $3 million to double the size of the warehouse in Hatfield and increase the Food Bank's fleet of refrigerated trucks. According to David Sharken, the Food Bank's executive director, the Food Bank has increased its annual food distribution by 50% over the last five years, and the increased capacity is straining the Food Bank's physical plant.

The expanded facility will have much more room for food storage, and a significantly larger area for volunteers to inspect and sort donations. The increased capacity would facilitate the distribution of an additional three to four million pounds of food a year. More than 400 local programs depend on the Food Bank to help them provide healthful food to people in need.

"The Channing Bete Company has been supporting the Food Bank's work for more than a decade," said David Sharken. "It is fitting that they have made the first corporate gift of the campaign. We are grateful not only for this gift, but for their example of what it means to have a corporate neighbor with such a commitment to building a stronger community."

Channing Bete Company has been a long-time supporter of the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts through donations of funds and resources. This support includes the recent donation of a holiday card design to be produced and sold by the Food Bank as part of their line of fund-raising holiday cards. In addition to supporting the Room to Grow capital campaign, the company also plans to continue to support the normal operations of the Food Bank with annual contributions.