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Channing Bete Company Contributes $50,000 Toward New Facility for Amherst Survival Center

South Deerfield, MA -- On July 3, 2012, a banner with the Channing Bete Company logo appeared outside the future home of the Amherst Survival Center (ASC). In 2010 the company pledged a $50,000 gift to ASC in recognition of the employee-owners of the Channing Bete Company. This pledge marked the first major gift of ASC's campaign. The Channing Bete Company banner was the first to recognize a major contributor.

Although Channing Bete Company focuses its charitable giving through the United Way, the Company occasionally gives large gifts when there is an opportunity to have an impact and make a large difference in the community. As Mike Bete, president and chief executive officer of the Channing Bete Company, wrote to Cheryl Zoll, executive director of ASC, "Now more than ever, our community needs an organization not only with your heart, but with the organization and infrastructure to deliver on its promise. The Amherst Survival Center clearly makes a difference in the lives of so many of our neighbors."

ASC broke ground on its new facility in April. The new building will be better equipped to accommodate the thousands of guests who come to the center each year. ASC's current building has often been too small to accommodate all of its lunch guests, and the ASC has had to turn down food donations due to lack of space. The new, larger facility will provide space for these needs and others, such as dedicated medical rooms in which ASC's volunteer doctors can examine patients. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2012.

The Channing Bete Company's mission is to strengthen individuals, families, and communities by reinforcing healthy behaviors and commitment to positive social values. The company has long been a supporter of area organizations that have similar missions and that work to improve the health and well-being of community members.