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Channing Bete Company Donates Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to Two Deerfield, Massachusetts, Schools

This year, Channing Bete Company celebrated National Heart Month in February by donating Cardiac Science Powerheart® AEDs to two local Massachusetts schools: Deerfield Elementary School and Frontier Regional School.

AEDs are small and easy to operate -- yet they are high-tech equipment with a price tag ($2,500 each) that places them out of the reach of many towns. Because both schools serve as centers for community activity, it is especially important that, thanks to the donated units, they're now at the leading edge of emergency preparedness planning.

Time can make the difference between life and death in a cardiac emergency. Powerheart® AEDs -- among the most advanced models on the market -- are lifesaving resources for the critical minutes before emergency personnel arrive. They feature easy, one-button operation, with voice and written prompts that guide the user through every step of the rescue process. Learn more about cardiac arrest survival.

Representatives from each school received appropriate CPR/AED training through the American Heart Association Heartsaver (AHA) AED course. Funding for the training and the AHA training materials were also donated by the Channing Bete Company.

Daniel Carmody, Senior Vice President of Channing Bete Company, said that the company is delighted to support a more emergency-ready school environment. "We have had a longtime partnership with AHA, and promoting heart health is a major priority for our company. As part of our observance of National Heart Month, and in recognition of the Channing Bete Company's special school-business partnership with the Deerfield Elementary School and longtime support of the Frontier Regional School, we were very pleased to have had the opportunity to provide this valuable, lifesaving resource to the schools of our community."

For more information on the Cardiac Science Powerheart® AED, go to:

The Channing Bete Company is a major national publisher of health and education materials and the leading distributor of American Heart Association products.

Cardiac Arrest Survival

Every year, sudden cardiac arrest claims the lives of some 340,000 Americans. 95% of sudden cardiac arrest victims die before reaching the hospital -- often due to the length of time it takes for emergency personnel to arrive on the scene. A person's chance of survival is reduced by about 10% for every minute spent waiting for a potentially lifesaving defibrillation shock.

The American Heart Association strongly encourages large businesses and public facilities to establish AED programs to increase the chances of survival for people with heart-related emergencies. The goal of an AED program is to deliver defibrillation to a sudden-arrest victim within 3-5 minutes of collapse. All 50 states now include using an AED as part of their Good Samaritan acts.