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Channing Bete Company Celebrates 50 Years of Publishing

South Deerfield, MA -- With the arrival of 2004, Channing Bete Company celebrates its 50th year of strengthening individuals, families, and communities by reinforcing healthy behaviors and commitment to positive social values. From booklets on social concerns of the day to today's research-based, multimedia programs, Channing Bete Company is proud to have led the way in meeting the changing needs of our communities, and continues to provide them with engaging, effective tools for personal and community growth.

In 1954, Channing L. Bete Sr. transformed his successful advertising agency into a publishing company to build a more powerful platform for greater understanding in the world. A firm believer in the importance of giving individuals access to life-enhancing, empowering information regardless of education or social class, he created the universal word-and-graphics format known as Scriptography®, and his new publishing house would become the launching pad for hundreds of enriching publications in this visionary, accessible medium.

In 1967, his son Channing L. Bete Jr. ("Joe") took his father's vision and applied it not only to the growing line of educational materials published by the company but also to the organization itself. Joe and his team transformed the small company into a multimillion-dollar corporation, and implemented forward-thinking employee benefits including employee stock ownership and profit sharing.

Today, under the third-generation leadership of Joe's son Michael G. Bete, the company remains employee owned and continues to grow and prosper. While the Channing Bete Company continues to publish booklets and other educational resources for schools, public health organizations, and private and government agencies, the company is now a leading developer of positive youth development programs, including a first-of-its-kind, computer-based bullying prevention program. The Channing Bete Company is also the leading distributor of American Heart Association products.