Channing Bete Company(R)

Get to Know the Channing Bete Company

Located in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, the Channing Bete Company began in 1936 as an advertising agency founded by Channing L. Bete Sr., who incorporated the business in 1946. Mr. Bete's own earliest writings focused on issues such as world peace and how to make the world a better place. These issues are reflected in the Company's mission today, "to strengthen individuals, families, and communities by reinforcing healthy behaviors and commitment to positive social values."

Over the years, the Channing Bete Company developed its trademarked publication style called Scriptography® -- a blend of reader-friendly text and graphics designed to convey key points quickly and help readers retain and act upon the information they learned. And while the familiar Scriptographic® booklet remains a mainstay of communication in a variety of venues, the company continues to develop and expand its range of styles and formats in response to changing audience needs and issues.

Today, the Channing Bete Company offers an array of nationally acclaimed products and programs focusing on areas such as smoking prevention and cessation, substance abuse and violence prevention, and school success. In addition, the company provides promotion, publishing, and distribution services to corporate partners, including the American Heart Association and Prevent Child Abuse America.

Our History

It all started in 1936, when Channing L. Bete Sr. began the company as an advertising agency, eventually incorporating his business in 1946.

Convinced that postwar America needed new ways to understand the dramatically altered global landscape, he began writing short booklets on subjects that were highly compelling to Americans at that time.

A strong believer in the importance of giving individuals access to life-enhancing, empowering information regardless of education or social class, he created the universal word-and-graphics format known as Scriptography.

In 1954, Chan converted his advertising agency into a publishing company, to more effectively bring his ideas to the public. A true visionary, he spent the rest of his life predicting and writing about ways to make the world a better place... and in the process, changed the way people think. In 1967, his son, Channing L. Bete, Jr. ("Joe" to his family and friends), took his father's vision and applied it not only to the growing line of educational materials published by the company but also to the organization itself. Proving that enlightened management and corporate growth are not mutually exclusive, Joe and his team transformed a small publishing company into a multi-million-dollar corporation. At the same time, he implemented forward-thinking employee benefits such as employee stock ownership, workplace health initiatives, family care leave, and profit sharing.


Today, under the third-generation leadership of Joe's son Mike, the company remains employee owned, and continues to grow and prosper. In addition to publishing and distributing educational resources for schools, public health organizations, and private and government agencies, the company expanded its horizons in 2000 to include a growing array of positive youth development programs.

As we move forward in the 21st century, we continue to build on the traditions that have helped make us a trusted provider of communication materials to our customers by developing new titles and formats for digital media. Even as technology evolves, our mission remains the same: to help our customers meet their strategic objectives and effect positive change in the lives of the people they serve.