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Products displayed: Your Drinking Habits; A Pocket Minder(R) Card (47967). Self-Esteem -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Improving Your Self-Image (81451). Relax... A Pocket Minder(R) Card (47510). Mental Health Crisis; A Pocket Minder(R) Card (40025).
Products displayed: Dealing With Anger And Conflict; A Self-Care Handbook (91494). Stress Management; A Self-Care Handbook (93652). Hope And Help For Depression; A Self-Care Handbook (93932).

Set College Students Up for Success with Resources on Stress Management, Suicide Prevention, Conflict Resolution, and More!

Achieving and maintaining a healthy mental and emotional state should be a priority for every student in college. Depression, suicide, college drinking, substance abuse, stress, and unmanaged anger are all real threats to a student's well-being and ongoing success. That's why we've developed research-based resources to educate students on these issues and help them prevent or treat problems before things get out of control. Our collection of mental-health titles is extensive, so you can select the titles that are most relevant to your college community!

Anger Management

Teach students anger-management techniques and conflict-resolution strategies with our practical and easy-to-read resources!

Depression & Suicide

Teach people how to help stop student suicide and identify signs of depression with our collection of suicide-prevention resources.

General Mental Health

Looking for some products that describe general mental health and mental illness? Then look no further. Our products can do that and much more!


Need resources to improve self-esteem for students? Our self-esteem books and other resources can help students feel good about themselves and make healthy decisions.

Stress Management

Our array of resources on managing stress in college and student stress contain practical advice that will help minimize anxiety and maximize academic success!

Substance Abuse Prevention

Easy-reading resources cover drinking in college and college drug use -- what the dangers are, how to prevent a problem, signs of a problem, and much more!