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Products displayed: Next Stop... College! Tips To Help You Find A School That's Right For You (55187). Succeeding In College -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Staying In School (80982). Why Choose College -- Planning Your Future (35052). Planning For College -- A Junior Year Calendar (50662). Sync Magazine -- Prepping For College (91707). Parenting Corner -- College & Career Prep 101 (High School Edition) (96366). Choosing A Community College -- Keeping Tabs(R) On The Benefits (81453).

Jump-Start College Careers with College-Readiness Resources That Support Academic Success!

Every college guidance counselor knows that a good start to college sets the foundation for a successful undergraduate career! These transition and orientation titles will help students understand what they can do to maximize their college experience and ensure academic success. By giving students our college-planning materials, they'll be ready for almost any challenge that comes their way.

College Preparation

Our college preparation products provide students with advice on choosing a college and handling the transition with confidence! They also emphasize that college success begins with making good choices.

College Orientation

Provide students -- and parents -- with information on staying in college and making the most of their college career with our engaging, quick-reading resources!