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All inside! Convenient carry bag kits -- showcase carefully selected resources to help you raise awareness about critical issues! Products displayed: Land A New Job Carry Bag Kit (91331). contains: Land A New Job Carry Bag (12713). Writing Your Resume; An Employment Handbook (91464)K. Be Successful At Work; A New Job Handbook (93634)K. Finding A New Job; A Re-Employment Handbook (95037)K. Leadership Skills -- Keeping Tabs® On Becoming A More Effective Leader (81002)B.

Guide College Students on the Path to Choosing a Career, Finding a Job After Graduation, and Achieving Workplace Success!

Products displayed:  Writing Your Resume; An Employment Handbook (91464). Your Job Interview; A Pocket Minder(R) Card (48006). Your Career -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Planning And Preparing (81261). The A-B-C's Of Parliamentary Procedure (18259). A Good Financial Start -- Money Management For Young Adults; An Individual And Family Handbook (93851). On(R) Your Career (98111)

Our easy-to-follow student publications offer common-sense advice on searching for a job, succeeding in the workplace, managing money, running meetings, being a leader, and more. From finding the right career to understanding parliamentary procedure, our outreach materials guide the way to life after college!

Career Planning

Help students get their professional careers off to a great start with career pamphlets and other career-planning resources. They're sure to help students identify their skills, define career goals, and find promising job opportunities!

Job Search

Our job-search resources can help students identify jobs for college graduates and understand what it takes to land one! From writing resumes to acing interviews, our resources cover it all!

Workplace Skills

Our student-focused publications highlight the professional skills, business skills, and other work skills needed for career success. They're ideal ways to support new graduates and matriculated students as they focus on the future.

Money Management

Let students know that when it comes to college finances and their future financial security, it's never too soon to start setting goals and managing money wisely. Our college money-management resources can help!

Leadership & Meeting Skills

Provide students with details on how they can develop strong meeting and leadership skills with our research-based publications.


Help encourage greater understanding of and respect for workplace diversity and diversity in education with our awareness-raising publications.