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Products displayed: Sync Magazine -- Mastering Study Skills (91974). On(R) Building Study Skills (97997)K. Succeeding In College -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Staying In School (80982). Reading With Purpose -- Skills To Help You Understand And Remember What You Read (51113). Studying For Success -- Tips To Help Build Effective Study Habits (51151). Time For Everything Skill Book (51143). Test Success -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Doing Your Best (81135).

Improve Academic Skills and Boost College Retention Rates with These Research-Based Publications!

Being a successful college student requires more than just book smarts. Students must also know how to study effectively, manage their time well, handle test-day jitters, and stay organized -- just to name a few! The good news is, all these skills can be taught, and our research-backed publications can help. Our resources cover study skills, test taking, time management for students, and organization.

Study Skills

A fistful of sharp pencils doesn't hurt -- but an arsenal of honed study skills is what will take every student all the way. Look no further -- we have the resources to make teaching study skills easy. Our study skills books will help students understand the importance of college study skills and how to improve them!

Test Taking

When it's time to start a test, anxiety can really start to spike! Give students the tips and confidence to keep jitters at bay with our informative publications on test-taking strategies!

Time Management & Organization

Students get the most out of every day when they have clear goals, articulated priorities, and an understanding of how to balance work and play. Look no further -- we have the time-management books and organization products you'll need to help them do all this!