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On® Workbooks

for ages 15-17

These eye-catching interactive workbooks keep teens' attention while they learn important lessons.

On workbooks offer age-appropriate, carefully researched content that's relevant to teen learners -- including diaries, self-quizzes, and other interactive exercises that help young people strategize and personalize important information.

These interactive educational tools help teens think critically and independently about what's best for their health and future.

Use them in classroom, group, and individual counseling settings!

Workbooks are supported by:

  • a workbook Web site with supplementary activities for students, as well as an automated quiz that reinforces workbook content
  • a Leader's Guide that provides teacher resources and strategies for using the workbook in classroom settings
  • a Leader's Web site that offers:
    • an online edition of the Leader's Guide
    • links to other informative, reliable sites on the Web
  • extensive research into this age group's interests, learning style, and developmental profile
  • mall-intercept surveys and focus-group testing that collected feedback from On workbooks' target audience
  • external reviews of every title by subject experts.

The On series helps you meet national education guidelines!

  • On workbooks support National Health Education Standards for promoting health literacy by encouraging characteristics such as critical thinking, responsible citizenship, and effective communication.

On workbooks cover these topics:

  • academic success
  • alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention
  • bullying and violence prevention
  • character development
  • emotional and mental health
  • health promotion
  • military families
  • safety promotion
  • sexual responsibility

24 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

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On workbooks can be combined with What's Up® workbooks for quantity discounts on Price List K.