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Professional, easy-to-use presentations put success at your fingertips!

Why invest countless hours researching, writing, and designing a presentation
when we've already done it for you?

Whether you're an experienced presenter or you've never presented before, these presentations are a snap! You'll find everything you need to get started right away and get your message across clearly, smoothly, and easily.

These presentations are ideal for use in a wide variety of settings.

Whether it's a community leader presenting to an audience of 300, or a guidance counselor meeting with an individual parent, each presentation adapts to your needs. Presentations can be given in a large array of places, including:

  • school classrooms, assembly halls, or gyms
  • community centers
  • recreational centers
  • teen/youth centers
  • YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, Lions Clubs, and other organizations
  • clinics and hospitals
  • churches
  • libraries
  • community rooms/auditoriums in commercial buildings
  • an individual computer in a private office.

All of our presentations are:

  • Compelling -- Visually engaging slides are professionally researched, scripted, and designed.
  • Organized -- Easy-to-follow Leader's Guide takes you through the presentation step by step using professionally written talking points, prompts for advancing to the next slide, space for presenter's notes, and presentation checklists.
  • Interactive -- Activity handouts actively engage the audience and keep them involved throughout the presentation.
  • Accurate -- Fully researched, up-to-date information and sources are documented in the Leader's Guide.
  • Flexible -- Each presentation offers three different versions (30, 45, or 60 minutes). Presenters can delete slides or add their own to customize the presentation.

And the impact is measurable! Pre- and post-tests let you track participants' progress.

Don't wait to make your next presentation a home run!
Take a look at all our presentation packages here!