Channing Bete Company(R) Product Formats

Presentation Options

There are so many ways to present your PowerPoint® show!

  • on a computer screen
    • standard "click-through" of the CD-based PowerPoint show
    • the ultra-convenient "No-Click" option: an automatic-run mode ideal for information displays, exhibits at conferences, etc.*
  • on an overhead screen
    • using an LCD projector or a projector hooked up to your computer
  • on a TV screen
    • using a PC-to-TV converter

No computer or LCD projector at your presentation site? No problem!

  • Convert your PowerPoint slides to overheads.
  • Print PowerPoint slides as audience handouts.
  • Print out slides in any size as visual aids
  • Record on videotape for VCR playback.*

For more info on presentation options, call 1-800-477-4776 or e-mail custsvcs@channing-bete-com.

*Certain restrictions apply. The End-User License Agreement on presentation packages' CDs will assist you in adhering to requirements and restrictions regarding presenting and copying presentation shows.