Channing Bete Company(R) Product Formats

The PowerPoint® presentation keeps their attention while you give them the facts

These complete, professionally designed presentations mean you can educate many different audiences on a wide variety of topics with very little preparation time. Attractive, compelling graphics and clear text help keep audiences involved in your presentation, letting you focus on the message.

These PowerPoint presentations are easy to use! If you can click a mouse, you can run them.

Caring For You And Your Baby; A Presentation Kit (90862), slide 3 - Agenda slides. Preparing For The Threat Of Bioterrorism; A Presentation Kit (99633), slide 30 - Activity slides. Parenting For Drug Prevention; A Presentation Kit (98807), slide 12 - Information slides. Parenting For HIV Prevention; A Presentation Kit (99396), slide 43 - Strategy and to-do slides. Parenting To Prevent Bullying; A Presentation Kit (99077), slide 14 - Checklist slides.
  • All it takes is a click to bring up text or the next screen.
  • Animated images appear automatically.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions are in the Leader's Guides and on the CDs.
  • Leader's Guides also contain detailed, fully researched talking points
    that lead you through each slide point by point.

Agenda slides

  • Provide an overview of the presentation

Activity slides

  • Keep audiences involved with interactive exercises, including brainstorming, surveys, and role-playing

Information slides

  • Display accurate information in clear, focused, everyday language
  • Help everyone feel included with photographs of diverse populations
  • Make statistics easy to understand with simple charts and graphs

Strategy and "to-do" slides

  • Provide practical strategies for positive action

Checklist slides

  • Recap important information to help viewers remember what they've learned

Adapt the presentation to meet your needs!
All PowerPoint presentations adapt to your:

  • Equipment
    No computer or projector at your workshop site? No problem! PowerPoint presentations can be presented in a variety of ways -- including as printed handouts. Click here for more details on presentation options.
  • Schedule
    Choose the length of presentation -- 30, 45, or 60 minutes -- that meets your needs. All three versions are included on the kits' CDs. (Presentations for elementary-school-age audiences are divided into two parts of about 20 minutes each to help keep children's attention. The two sections may be presented together or separately.) Plus, you control the flow: You can stop, pause, and continue as your presentation requires.
  • Material
    It's easy to delete slides, add your own slides, and add sound and videos. All new slides get the same background as the originals -- ensuring you a seamless presentation.

System requirements:

PC and Mac® compatible
Requires Microsoft® PowerPoint® or PowerPoint® Viewer