Channing Bete Company(R) Product Formats

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What's included in each presentation package?

A. Everything you need to deliver a polished presentation:

Q. Do I need to be an experienced presenter to use these kits?

A. No. Even if you're a “first-timer,” you can:

  • keep your audience engaged with the attention-getting PowerPoint show
  • encourage active participation with support from the Leader's Guide
  • present in a professional manner, thanks to guidance on everything from setting up your workshop to delivering an organized, informative presentation.

Q. Will I need a computer or an LCD projector at the workshop site in order to give the PowerPoint presentation?

A. You have a variety of options for presenting the PowerPoint slides, including:

  • as overheads, by printing transparencies from the CD
  • as handouts, by printing slides on paper. Click here for more details about presentation options.

Q. How flexible are these presentations?

A. Very! You can:

  • present just one section instead of an entire session
  • choose among 30-, 45-, and 60-minute versions of the PowerPoint presentation (all are provided on the kit's CD)
  • give the PowerPoint presentation as printed handouts or overhead slides.

Q. Can I customize these presentations?

A. Sure -- just add or delete PowerPoint slides as you prefer. You can also add sound and even include videos!

Q. Why are these presentation packages my best choice for successful group presentations?

A. For all the best reasons!

  • They're from Channing Bete Company: the nationally recognized source for materials that make complicated information easy to understand.
  • They help you present like a pro, thanks to the comprehensive Leader's Guide.
  • They save you time and effort by doing so much of the preparation for you.
  • They're flexible to your needs.
  • They help you provide accurate information and usable strategies distilled from hundreds of hours of research.
  • They save you money with a low price and quantity discounts.