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Getting Ready For High School -- A Guide For Parents; A Launch & Learn(R) CD (84238). Finding A Job; A Launch & Learn(R) DVD (84227). Breastfeeding -- Great For Baby And You; A Launch & Learn(R) CD (84253).

Launch & Learn® CDs and DVDs

Breakthrough format!

Informative, multimedia CDs you can afford to hand out to everyone!

DVDs formatted for at-home television viewing are also available!

Our exciting Launch & Learn CDs offer a breakthrough way to reach people with the accurate educational messages our customers have trusted for years. Each of these dynamic CDs offers:

  • Ease of use
    No Internet connection or software installation is required. People can take the CD with them to watch at their convenience -- in the privacy of their own home, at the office, or with their spouse or other family member.*
  • Video clips
    Video clips reinforce the content, hold viewers' attention, and provide true show-and-tell for challenging concepts.
  • Narration
    Each CD is fully narrated, holding viewers' attention from beginning to end and making Launch & Learn CDs ideal for people at all reading levels or for those who speak English as a second language.
  • English and Spanish options
    Both languages are built into every CD, so there's no need to purchase or stock multiple versions.
  • Education in just 15 minutes
    Every Launch & Learn CD packs an abundance of important information into just 15 minutes, so people can easily fit them into the busiest of schedules.
  • A printable reference sheet
    Checklists and reminders help turn education into action.**
  • Affordability
    Prices drop quickly with our generous quantity discounts. Plus, you can combine any number of Launch & Learn CD titles to receive the discounts.

*DVDs formatted for television viewing are also available.
**DVDs come with a printed checklist or reminder page.

PC compatible
Minimum system requirements:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.

Launch & Learn CDs will also work with Mac OS 10.2 through 10.6.

Launch & Learn end user documentation

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