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Product image: Disclosing HIV+ Status -- When It's Time To Tell (33791)


When you want to say a lot in a smaller amount of space, look no further than our growing line of pamphlets. We've developed a variety of titles addressing the specific needs of your audience, at prices that make them easy to distribute to everyone you serve.

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Product image: HIV: Positive Choices -- Living Poz (33565)

Young Adult Photo-Illustrated Pamphlets

Make sure young adults have the information they need to stay healthy and active. With an edgy, contemporary look, these pamphlets are designed to grab young people's attention and give them the facts on drugs, STDs, violence, and much more.

Product image: STDs -- Prevention and Protection (36647)A

"Just Flip for English or Spanish" Bilingual Pamphlets

With our new bilingual pamphlets, you can always be confident that high-quality, research-backed information is available in English and Spanish! They're a great way to eliminate guesswork regarding language preference and reach more people in your community.
Sample bilingual pamphlet

Product image: Teens And Abstinence: Pregnancy -- Save It For Later (31525)

"Teens And..." Series

Give teens vital information in an eye-grabbing, straight-talking format. Choose from pamphlets on abstinence, alcohol, tobacco, violence, STDs, and more. It's an unbeatable way to get their attention and get your message across.

Product image: Call For Help To Stop Smoking Today! (31129)

"Call Today!" Series

Encourage patients to make appointments, not excuses, for the preventive care they need. Each motivational pamphlet focuses on a specific health issue, and helps readers overcome the barriers that prevent them from seeking preventive care. High-impact, low-cost ways to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction!

Product image: Women & HIV: To Women In Their Teens And Twenties... (31607)

"Women & HIV" Series

Tailored to the specific needs and challenges of today's sexually active women. Compelling, supportive pamphlets empower readers with the facts on HIV transmission and practical strategies for avoiding infection. Highly motivational, they're effective ways to encourage women of diverse ages and backgrounds to commit to protecting themselves.

Product image: Bioterrorism -- Understanding The Threat (30288)

"Homeland Security" Series

These attention-getting pamphlets are ideal for raising awareness and promoting positive action without alarming readers. Clear, concise text addresses a variety of themes from terrorist targets and methods to prevention/protection strategies to coping with traumatic events. All stress the importance of staying alert and rational.

Product image: Washing Hands -- Clean Habits For Staying Healthy (35684)

General Audience Photo-Illustrated and Realistically Illustrated Pamphlets

Bold and eye-catching, they're sure to get -- and keep -- readers' attention. These vivid, engaging pamphlets are available on a wide variety of subjects.

Product image: Get Informed Not Infected -- HIV And Other STDs (35036)

Middle School Pamphlets

At their age, the last thing young teens want is to be lectured on sensitive topics. To make sure they get the message, we've put straightforward information and appealing, age-appropriate graphics into easy-to-read pamphlets they can take with them to read in complete privacy.

Product image: A Flu Shot Every Year -- For Adults (34445)

African American Health Disparities Series

These audience-approved, culturally competent pamphlets help you address health disparities in the African American community and work toward Healthy People goals.

Find out more about our Eliminating Disparities series here.

Product image: Parents & Drugs: Helping Your Child Keep Free Time Drug-Free (31078)

"Parents &..." Series

Help the parents you serve find effective ways to talk to their children about drugs, media influences, peer pressure, and more. These pamphlets give straight answers to the questions parents ask most and suggest practical "use now" ways to strengthen communication.

Product image: Club Drugs & You: Ecstasy -- Nothing To Rave About (31562)

"Club Drugs & You" Series

Getting the truth about Rohypnol, MDMA, Ketamine, and LSD across to teens and young adults just got easier. Each pamphlet helps you confront a core issue in the prevention of drug use, and all pamphlets debunk the myths about drug safety that support continued use. Specially designed to capture the attention of their target audience.

Product image: Warning Signs: Is It A Heart Attack? (31983)

"Warning Signs" Series

To seek care or not to seek care? That's the question these full-color pamphlets help answer -- fast! Each lists symptoms of a common emergent health situation in an easy-to-reference format. Specially designed to improve outcomes and reduce costs by helping people assess their situation and take appropriate early action.