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Dr. Celene Domitrovich, one of the PATHS® program
developers, and school administrators discuss
how the PATHS® curriculum supports children's
acquisition of SEL skills

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Implementing the PATHS® Program

The PATHS program is designed in a grade-by-grade format. This flexible format enables schools to teach the PATHS program in a progressive fashion starting with preschool/kindergarten, or they can implement the program with older children. Either way, the PATHS program can lead to improved social and emotional competence right from the start!

Brief, easily managed lessons -- on your schedule

The PATHS program should be implemented two or three times per week. Each session is designed to last approximately 30 minutes. This makes sessions easy to incorporate into and around regular classroom routines. Teachers can also take advantage of those "teachable moments" that arise throughout the school day. Lessons from the PATHS program are also correlated to Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and American School Counselor Association Standards. This means the program can be used to support goals for:

  • listening
  • career development
  • personal and social development.
    • reading
    • writing
    • speaking

    The PATHS® program supports Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and helps to reinforce a bully-free school climate!

    Classroom practice of PATHS® program skills prepares students to handle real-life situations with greater social and emotional intelligence.

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    Each PATHS® classroom module comes with:

    • lesson objectives
    • color-coded scripts
    • supporting materials*
    • family communication materials
      (made available via an easy-to-use CD)
    • much more!

    For pricing and components information, click here.

    *Standard classroom supplies may also be required.

    Minimal teacher preparation time

    Students using the PATHS(R) program

    Each classroom module comes with introductory materials that provide a full overview of the PATHS program. Once instructors have read these materials, individual lessons are quick and easy to prepare. Each lesson comes in a ready-to-use scripted format, so that teachers know exactly what material to cover and how to guide their classroom's activities.

    Support for teachers every step of the way

    The comprehensive introductory materials provide everything an instructor will need to know to deliver the program. If desired, formal training services are available from knowledgeable, experienced PATHS program trainers. Please call 1-877-896-8532 or click here for details.

    Build parent support and involvement

    Parent support and reinforcement of PATHS concepts at home ensures that children fully absorb the skills acquired through classroom sessions. To that end, many lessons provide instructors with relevant at-home activities (available in English and Spanish) and other send-home materials. Helping parents get involved in the PATHS program is a great way to bring social and emotional learning home.

    Appropriate for at-risk children and children with special needs

    The PATHS program is intended to improve the school environment for all children. However, the program is very appropriate for children with special needs, and was originally developed in hearing-impaired classrooms and tested in special-needs classrooms.

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